Dental Laboratories in France

Taking care of your teeth is very important for your health and well-being. In order to do so, it is advised a good brushing technique, changing your teeth brusher periodically (most of the times it is recommended to do so every 3 months) and visiting your dentist once a year at least. While visiting a dentist in your country might be easier because you know how it works, where to go or even who you need to ask to get the information you need. What happens if you travel to go to another country? Yes, big issues here because you don’t even know where to start to look for a dentist. Here we are going to help you with some hints and write something about some dentist labs in France for you to find a dentist that satisfy your needs. First of all, please be aware that I am sharing private dentist labs so please make sure you have a proper health insurance that covers dentist services ( dentiste urgence ). If it happens that you want to use dentists from the public healthcare of France, you need to follow some steps and they are:

  • Register in the social security system first. To do so, you need to be a resident and you become one if you already stayed in France for 3 month and can demonstrate that you will spend 183 days more in France or more. You need to be at least 16 years old.
  • Have the following documents ready:
    • National ID card or passport
    • Birth/marriage certificate if you want to include family
    • Evidence that you have submitted a declaration to the insurer you have selected
    • Proof of address
    • Proof of long-term residency
    • Evidence of income
  • Then, register for French healthcare which can be done at your local Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM or Primary Health Insurance Fund). You can find yours here.

Back to private dentist service, this is the list I want to share with you (please note that they are ordered randomly):

1.- Interlab France: as they say in their website, Interlab France is a dentist lab with 25 years of experience in the field. This lab is run by ten technicians and they are open from 9am to 7pm. Interlab offers you the following:

  1. Smile: any doubt you have, they can cast them out with the help of their technicians.
  2. Availability: they are for you at any time between 9am and 7pm.
  3. Efficiency: they ensure you that they will do their work within the deadline (3 to 5 days). Both pickups and deliveries are free.
  4. Best prices: Interlab got three sets of price to meet all your needs while ensuring service quality.
  5. Warranty: you got 5 years warranty for rendered services, include warranty services.

If you wish to contact them, please follow this information:

Interlab Laboratoire Dentaire

Phone: +33 01 42 50 23 63

Email: [email protected]

Address: INTERLAB, Laboratoire Dentaire, 109 Rue Lemercier 75017 Paris.

2.-Biotech Dental:

This is one of the most successful dentist company in the world. They have 30 years of experience and are present in 40 countries including France. They have become in an important lab in France market being leaders in dental implant. They are also offering a great service by using latest technologies for the best treatment. Not only they offer exclusive products but digital services which include design and manufacturing of implants and dental prostheses, intraoral scans, smile analysis software, and customised transparent mouth-guards manufactured with innovative digital manufacturing procedures as well as associated training.

In order to contact them, please have the necessary information:

Biotech Dental

Phone: +33 04 90 44 60 60

Email: [email protected]

Address: 305, Allée de Craponne 13300 Salon de Provence

3.- Socalab: this lab has 35 years on its back and have won the label “innovative company”. They offer you:

  1. Identical CE certified raw materials in all products
  2. An easy and efficient delivery service
  3. A special technical service
  4. Full traceability
  5. A high level of quality and safety

Their contact information is as it shows:

Socalab, dental prosthesis laboratory

Phone: +33 05 57 77 99 00

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1, rue du commandant Cousteau 33015 Bordeaux Cedex

4.- Sun Dental Labs France: in this lab you will find expertise dentists who can help you with any artificial tooth you might need or they can even create a whole dental prostheses. They also can manufacture artificial palates and dental bridges, removable prostheses and fixed ones giving 9 technicians to your disposal. They have 12 years on the field and are willing to give you the service you deserve.

If you happen to want to establish contact with them, please have the information you need:

Sun Dental Labs France

Phone: +33 01 47 34 42 36

Email: they don’t show an email address in their webpage but surely you can contact them through this form.

Address: 15 Rue Desprez 75014 Paris 14

5.- Laboratoire Magnien: this lab can help you with the elaboration of dental prostheses, artificial teeth, dental crowns and bridges, artificial palates, artificial teeth, dental laboratories, and more. They can help you through their technicians (they usually have 10 to 19 employees).

Please follow these instructions whether you want to contact them:

Laboratoire Magnien

Phone: +33 01 45 39 50 60

Email: they don’t show any, nor don’t they have a website

Address: 1 Rue Pierre Le Roy 75014 Paris 14

6.- Laboratoire Nicolas Milliere: This dentist lab is specialized in the study and realization of all dental prostheses namely complete dentures, artificial teeth, dental crowns and bridges, dental implants and much more. They can elaborate medical devices and a kind of titanium or zirconia or polymer screw inserted into the maxillary or mandible and intended to create an anchor capable of receiving a removable or fixed dental prosthesis. Say you are missing a tooth or two and want your tooth back without using dental bridges, this titanium/zirconia/polymer bracket can help you with your needs. This is one of the latest procedures in dental healthcare.

If you are willing to contact them, please use this contact information:

Laboratoire Nicola Milliere

Phone: +33 01 43 06 11 48

Email: [email protected]

Address: 99 Rue Lecourbe 75015 Paris

7.- Laboratoire Rouillard: they can help you with dental prostheses, dental bridges, artificial crowns, dental implants in series or adjusted, realization of orthodontic rings (correction rings or care rings), orthodontic appliances and other dental activities.

Just call them if your needs are not listed here. To do that, please follow this information:

Laboratoire Rouillard

Phone: +33 01 42 39 40 83

Email: not showing an email address

Address: 15 Rue Desprez 75014 Paris 14

8.- C E M CO: They specializes in medical and surgical equipment like dental prostheses, artificial teeth manufacturing, dental crowns and bridges, porcelain dental veneers, and other activities a dentist can carry on. This lab was founded in 1994 guaranteeing you 24 years of experience in the field.

In order to contact them, please use this information:


Phone: +33 01 42 46 71 32

Email: no email is shared

Address: 155 Rue Du Faubourg Denis 75010 Paris

9.- Kleyner Ortho Systems: this lab specializes in orthodontics, pedodontics, functional orthodontics, fixed orthodontics, obturator prosthesis following maxillary cancer, maxillofacial distraction (Craniofacial distraction, symphyseal distraction, maxillary distraction, activation linkage for mandibular advancement orthosis: sleep apnea, rhonchopathy, orthodontic class II, awake neurosurgery, anesthesia without intubation and more.

Their contact info is at it follows:

Kleyner Ortho Systems

Phone: +33 01 42 01 91 91

Email: no email address was shared but they have their own webpage

Address: 48 B Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris

10.- Naturel IDM: this company offers you a good deal on dental healthcare. Their main speciality is prosthesis services but they can also help you with artificial teeth, dental crowns, dental bridges, and porcelain dental veneers.

You can find options to contact them here:

Naturel IDM

Phone: +33 01 47 63 01 02

Email: they are not sharing an email address but their webpage

Address: 66, Rue Jouffroy D’abbans 75017 Paris

11.- Dentalespace: this lab is kind of unique because you don’t need to go there to receive attention. Say you just want to get some advices on the best options for your particular issue. Well, you can do that through their online services. They also perform surgical interventions in the mouth as well as descaling at the installation of implants, through the extraction of a wisdom tooth.

More services are available at Dentalespace and you can get in touch with them by using this information:


Phone: +33 09 54 25 78 75

Email: not showing an email address but you can visit their webpage and discover what other services they have for you

Address: 51, Rue des Orteaux 75020 Paris

12.- Dental Connexion: they specialized in the creation of any kind of sources related with dentistry like artificial teeth, bridges, etc and other materials used in general for prosthetics. All this is made in dental labs. This can be an option for you if you are looking for someone to create a prosthesis for you and your favorite dentist can implement a prosthesis but don’t have the means to create one.

Their contact info is as it follows:

Dental Connexion

Phone: +33 01 40 50 19 70

Email: [email protected] however, you can check their website to contact them if you wish to do so

Address: 11 Rue Chanez, 75016 Paris

13.- Monsieur Farid Safadi: he is a personal business artisan who has been active for 26 years. He specializes in creating equipments for the medical, surgical and dental sector. His workforce use to be between 10 and 19 employees.

Contact information:

Monsieur Farid Safadi

Phone: +33 08 91 65 29 84

Email: no email or website shared

Address: 10 rue Brochant 75017 Paris

14.- Denterbridge: this is a lab with around 23 years of experienced and it is run by Rene Taieb. They can help you with medical surgeries and dental equipment like artificial teeth, crowns, dental bridges, dental veneers, and so on.

To contact them, please find below what you need:


Phone: +33 01 40 55 95 55

Email: they don’t share an email but you can consult an automated profile made by Linkedin

Address: 6 Rue Villaret de Joyeuse 75017 Paris

15.- Labocast: this is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of dental prostheses for dental surgeons. It offers a wide gamma of dental prostheses, mainly the following: confidence, excellence and comfort gamma.

To contact them, follow this information:


Phone: +33 01 53 38 64 66

Email: not an email, but a website

Address: 46-56 Rue des Orteaux. 75020 Paris

And the list can continue, there are a lot more of them. If you wish a whole list of both private and public dental labs, you can contact [email protected]. The Fédération Européenne et Internationale des Patrons Prothésistes Dentaires (FEPPD or European and International Federation of Dental Laboratory Owners in English) are meant to deal with any issue related with dental labs and competent authorities in their own countries on a professional, social and governmental level which means they listed all labs working in Europe and that includes France.

So, they do have that list and you can ask for it. Worst case scenario, they tell you they can’t share this kind of information (and I doubt it because it is not sensitive information).

Just in case, I am going to share with you the names of others private labs in France for you to check in the web:

1.- Sivp Dent Ste Internat Vent Prot SVP-D

2.- Itena Clinical

3.- Protilab

4.- Addmedica

5.- Laboratoires Oligosante

6.- Laboratoire CCD

7.- Creative Dentaire

8.- Laboratoire Esthetica Dentaire

9.- Jymident

10.- NCD France

11.- LDA Laboratory

12.- Laboratoire Dental Ceram

13.- Labo ODF France

14.- France Lab Dentaire

15.- Laboratoires Pred

16.- Laboratoire de Protheses Dentaires Jacques

17.- Becton Dickinson France

18.- Innovortho-France

19.- Arseus Lab SAS

20.- Linet France SAS

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